Tiki Bar Review: Frankie’s Tiki Room

Just west of the strip, not far from the 15, lies Frankie’s Tiki Room. A small, white, stand alone, single building on Charleston with a large sign out front beckoning one to enter. This little oasis far from the $18 rum and cokes, is the perfect example of a non-pretentious establishment that repels the snobbery of the dayclub/nightclub culture of Vegas.

Blinded By The Light

Come here during the day and the afternoon sun quickly blinds you as you approach the door set in the middle of a large white adobe wall. Once you find the door and step inside, prepare to wait for about 10 minutes for your eyes to adjust to the near total darkness that the Vegas sun has not prepared your eyes for. No joke, the first few times I came here during the day, I would stand at the front door for easily 5 minutes trying to make out things I was definitely going to trip on. Now being a Frankie’s semi-regular, I can easily make a beeline to the bar by just smelling for the rum. Well sort of smelling the rum…

The Decor

The one thing about Frankie’s Tiki Room, well it’s certainly in Vegas. Why? Well there is the requisite video poker machines along the long single bar that runs the length of the building. But mostly, the smell of years and years of smoke. This building originally was Frankie’s Lounge, a cocktail bar that opened back in the 60’s. Frankie’s has only been around since 2009 but seems like it has been there forever. The decor is perfect tiki. Bamboo, Tiki’s, Vintage GoGo  dancing playing on a loop on the tv. A Long bar, high top seating, a few tables, and two great deep booth areas to accommodate a couple large groups semi privately. These are the great features of Frankie’s. Well, that and the Drinks!

Making The Drinks

There are typically two bartenders here and they are the fastest tiki bartenders you will ever see. it’s rather impressive that the drinks are as good as they are but are still made so dang quick. Granted these are not your Smuggler’s Cove level of beverages but the thing is too, they will not break the bank. And what with being in Vegas and all, having at least one thing not cost an arm and a leg is a good thing. Drinks here are typically never more than $9. Super great! The bartending staff are all really friendly as well. No matter what time you come. Did I mention this is a 24hour tiki bar?

About Those Drinks

All the drinks here are great. They offer a huge selection of originals and then a small variety of classic drinks on the back of the menu. My usual staples apply here; Zombie (grenadine heavy), Mai Tai (quite great and not too tart), and Three Dots and a Dash (honey forward!). My favorite original drink here is the Three Rum Scum. A bit of punch to it along with some nice coconut and pineapple to it. Not quite as thick as a Painkiller but some similar taste to it.

In Summary

It’ll take you 10-15 minutes to get out to Frankie’s Tiki Room from the strip depending on where you are coming from. There are no food options out there so make sure your belly is full before you get all the way out there (unless you want to frogger across the street to the Del Taco). Oh, if this is going to be a mid-day adventure, plan on changing clothes when you get back to the hotel on account of how much smoke smell you will have absorbed into your clothes (and then seal those clothes in a plastic bag in your luggage!).

I love everything about Frankie’s and no doubt you will too. A perfect place to escape from the strip and soak in all that we enjoy about a good tiki joint and beverage!

Frankie's Tiki Room - Las Vegas, Nevada
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Fun vibe. Open 24 hours. Crazy smoke smell.

Frankie’s Tiki Room
1712 W. Charleston
Las Vegas, NV 89102
(702) 385-3110

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