Tiki Bar Review: The Tiny Tiki Hut

UPDATE: Originally visited in 2018. Name changed to The Lost Tiki.

The Tiny Tiki Hut (Now called The Lost Tiki) A fun little bar sandwiched in a residential area away from the main promenade. Walkable but still a bit of a ways away from the normal tourist zone. Was lovely in warm weather with the big windows and high ceiling. Recommended when you want a break from cheap cervezas!

Some of the drinks I had here:

-Papaya Project
Watermelon and Papaya. Thickness but not a huge amount of flavor.
-Mai Tai
More like an orange drink. Very sweet and high on orange. Triple Sec.
-Freaky Tiki
Smooth and tasty. Crunchy! Seeds of some sort added a great crunch like rice crispy.


The Tiny Tiki Hut - Playa Del Carmen, Mexico
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Ton of charm. Food menu looks good. Proprietors are super friendly.

The Lost Tiki (Formerly The Tiny Tiki Hut)
20th Avenue,
between 6th street and 4th street
Playa del Carmen, MX. 77710

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