Tiki Bar Review: Wahtiki Island Lounge

Count it among the hard to find places, hidden inside an office building or far from view on a higher floor, Wahtiki Island Lounge checks all these boxes. Once you find the discreet tiki at the building directory and climb a few floors in the elevator, it’s a pristine lounge that awaits.

Floral Lounge

Nicely lit and very inviting, Wahtiki is reminiscent of Waikiki Beach, with deco of wicker and wood patterns. A long window against one side with high tables all around hide that you are actually overlooking LKF just down below. There are a few semi-private rooms off to the sides for larger groups. Plenty of hosts here to make sure you are taken care of.

The Menu

A modest menu has a few greatest hits, including Planters Punch, Mai Tai, and Suffering Bastard. Most are originals that remind of some standards but with perhaps some non-standard ingredients. They do have a drink (Shark’s Tooth) with a crushed ice glass, always a fan of that! Our bartender told us that Wahtiki’s main bartender was formerly of Trader Vic’s London for many years and brought over a variant of the Vic Mai Tai, so let’s see how it does!

The Drinks

Not too many drinks that I recognized as classic here, mostly all originals except the Mai Tai. Overall it was pretty good. Smooth and balanced but they did use a very forward dark rum. Not quite Black Strap but something close. Next up was Wahtiki’s Own Punch. This was basically a Beachcomber Mai Tai but without the absinthe. They added a little more almond flavor and then quite a bit of either Curaçao or Cointreau. It was really orange heavy with a little bit of sour. Lastly, followed it all up with the Tonga Tonga. This one I would avoid. Tasted like Hawaiian Punch with some orange juice. Maybe there was some silver rum hiding back in there. After the previous two beverages, couldn’t really tell.


Added with the fact that Wahtiki has food, it’s not a bad place to spend an evening in action packed Hong Kong. Their drinks were not my favorite but solid. On subsequent visit here I gave the Mai Tai another spin and felt it has evolved into something not super noteworthy, but still ok. Wahtiki is worth a visit if you are looking for one stop food and Tiki.

Wahtiki Island Lounge - Hong Kong
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Food and tiki in one stop.

Wahtiki Island Lounge
3/F, Sea Bird House,
22-28 Wyndham Street,
Central, Hong Kong

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