Tiki Bar Review: Pacific Seas at Clifton’s

UPDATE: Closed at publish. Reportedly opening again in 2024.

(Posted with notes from 2018)

Went in cold to find Pacific Seas at Clifton’s, not fully in the dark, but didn’t check for pictures on where to find it. Yes it is at Clifton’s Cafeteria in DTLA, however where exactly the entrance is, is easy to pass. Anyway, head to the top of Clifton’s and find the mirrored wall, there is a hidden door behind the mirror, enter there. Once you do make your way in and up the stairs, you are rewarded with a lovely themed environment, though usually insanely crowded. Make sure to go early to avoid the clubbing crowd that will migrate there after figuring out it’s up there.

The menu was pretty limited and the drinks weren’t the best or most memorable, it is still was a good time.







Pacific Seas at Clifton's - Los Angeles, California
  • Drink Quality
  • Ambiance/Decor
  • Service


Get there early to avoid the crushing crowds.

Pacific Seas at Clifton’s
648 S Broadway, Los Angeles, CA