Tiki Bar Review: The Reef

(Posted with notes from 2018)

Located at the Caliente Tropics Resort in Palm Springs, The Reef is a medium sized pool bar. Sorry, that’s a little rough, it’s more than a pool bar, in fact if every bar next to a pool was like this, we should be so lucky. As far as tiki goes, it makes a solid standing. It’s worth a single visit to make a notch on your tiki bar list but otherwise the drinks were just ok. With Bootlegger and Tonga Hut at your call further up the street, I would just stay near to those two.






The Reef - Palm Springs, California
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A no-brainer if you’re staying at the Caliente Tropics.

The Reef
411 E Palm Canyon Rd
Palm Springs, California
(760) 656-3839