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Painkiller Tiki Drink(Posted with notes of last visit in 2018) Visited Rumba, several times in Seattle over several years when I was working a show at the nearby convention center. This tiki bar has a Caribbean food menu and a great drink menu to boot. They were always happy to accommodate a request off menu backed by their extensive collection of rums. Thankfully they were open just late enough that we could run up the hill from the gig to catch last call. Sadly because of our work schedule, we were only able to get here near the end of our run in town, but what a reward!






Mai Tai and glass of Lemon Hart 151 with the menu in the foreground.Last time I was here, spotted an older bottle of Lemon Hart 151 that we were able to get a little nip of. So tasty! The older bottles definitely have a different taste than the new style that are produced. The new run of Lemon Hart isn’t awful mind you, it’s just not exactly the same flavor as what it used to be. These days I tend to go toward using Hamilton 151, also a guyanese (Demerara) rum, but has a better flavor. Sorry for the deviation, hah!








A picture of a tiki drink.Every drink I had here was fantastic. Of particular note were their Swizzles (I had a queens park) and the Corn ‘n Oil. It’s quite a raw drink, the Corn ‘n Oil, but a really great beverage that highlights falernum.

The presentation of all these beverages was so great. I mean look at these pics! Also the staff was excellent and accommodating. I look forward to going to Rumba every time I’m in Seattle.

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Rumba - Seattle, Washington
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Published menu is small, but they can make just about anything. Guac is super good.

1112 Pike St.
Seattle, WA 98101
(206) 583-7177

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