Tiki Bar Review: Jungle Bird

Finally the Jungle Bird! I was alerted to this place opening by a friend of mine and was counting down until I could get out to Sacramento. So glad the hype delivered!

The Location and Interior

Down on J Street in the middle of the bustling night life of Downtown Sacramento, Jungle Bird is a quintessential tiki bar. They hit all the best things I love about them. A nice standup bar, general tables, and little private areas.

The interior is dominated by a big rock wall that overlooks the main seating area that includes a couple tiki thrones (wicker chairs, thrones, whatever) and some tables. This area is right next to the bar which has some high tables and stools. It looks great with all of the Japanese fishing buoys hanging from the ceiling. Finally in the back there are some corner tables and then some private booths. There is some limited seating out in the back as well. I didn’t get out there but I’d imagine it would be nice in the summer.

The Menu

A fun menu that includes the greatest hits. I really dug the Zombie. It was note perfect in staying true to Don’s original. The menu does have a few original beverages on it and Spooky’s Lagoon caught my eye as it seemed to have a bit of the same ingredients as a Zombie but since they already had one on the menu, surely this wasn’t just the same thing – and boy it wasn’t! This thing was a heavier, spicier, Zombie. Really tasty. I’ve been back to Jungle Bird a few times now and this beverage is always my first goto.


Lots of good food. Lots of good drinks. Reservations are available here and I suggest you use them. Getting a nice comfortable booth here is the way to go to enjoy a great night out.

Jungle Bird - Sacramento, California
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Sit in the rear for more privacy. Food is great!

Jungle Bird
2516 J Street
Sacramento, Ca 95816
(916) 476-3280

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