Tiki Bar Review: Fairweather

In the little corridor that leads to the back of Petco Park in San Diego is a little cache of some fun places. There is the Stone Brewing Tap Room (awesome) and Rareform Deli. Rareform is a simple but tasty Deli with ample seating and a great atmosphere. However, there is a secret that Rareform is hiding, Fairweather.


The Location

When you enter Rareform, you head toward a dark hallway in the back and hang a right. Use your spidey-sense/the force, and through a combination of staircase and long hallways, you will arrive at an outdoor balcony that sits way back on the 3rd base foul line of the park. Yes, all outdoor. So make a note if it’s a little chilly outside. But also make your way there if the weather is nice, which in San Diego… means anytime! A long bar and several booths sit on the balcony. Weather beaten nylon rope art provides a tiny bit of shade and on a good weather day you can’t beat coming up here mid afternoon.

The Drinks

While the decor is definitely not tiki at all, their menu sure is! A small but quirky little list of classic and signature beverages, the menu delights. I went for the two barometer drinks, Zombie and Mai Tai. The Mai Tai is solid and not too ‘leaded’. Their version is light enough to not put you out too soon, especially if you’re going to hit False Idol later that night (of course). The Zombie though was not my favorite. It was especially juicy and again, on the lighter side – which also again, maybe not a bad thing for this place being somewhere that is best hit in an afternoon. The signatures are pretty great. So if you are looking for something out of the ordinary, I would recommend the Oaxacan Dead. Super Funky! Mezcal, Absinthe, and Two Rums? Booyeah!

Fairweather is the perfect place to hang on a sunny afternoon. Especially great on ballgame days as you can take in the ambiance of the game while sipping a tasty beverage. It will be hard to pass the Stone Tap Room down below though (you can go another time). Just keep your eyes on the tiki beverages in store and head to the back of the deli and up to the balcony at Fairweather. It’s a good time.








Fairweather - San Diego, California
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Great for a warm afternoon/evening. Try the deli downstairs too!

Fairweather at Rare Form Deli
793 J St
San Diego, CA
(619) 578-2392

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