Tiki Bar Review: Honi Honi

Honi Honi. How do I love thee. (Sorry, Spoiler Alert) A tiki oasis amidst the bustle of Hong Kong. It was when I was just starting to gain my appreciation of the tiki drink that I came across this place. I was assigned to a project in Hong Kong a few years ago and thanks to the Interwebs – found out Honi Honi. If you have never been to Hong Kong in the summer, let me tell you, it is the worst kind of humidity and heat to which you have never imagined (if you’ve only been in the Continental U.S.). Days in July and August have air so thick that you have to swim through it. Traveling during the day makes you want to (or flat out use, as I did) an umbrella (OK Parasol) to block out the soul crushing heat of the sun.

So, knowing all of that – one of those nights in mid summer we happened upon Honi Honi and traveled to the third floor of its buidling, we were rewarded not only with the bless-ed breezes of fully functioning ‘Air-Con’, but some of the tastiest, best made, and imaginative beverages I have had – and it wasn’t because I was desperate in a foreign country mind you!

The Menu

If you travel to their website, while it isn’t regularly updated, the menu posted there offers a glimpse of all of the imaginative beverages that they have come up with. I am always prone to sticking with the classics mind you, but I would always venture out into some of their originals which I always recommend anyone who visits to do. The selection of rums that they have are quite good and I haven’t ever really been disappointed – except for maybe one, a blurb on that below. The decor is of a tiki modern and not kitschy one bit.

Staying Cool

They typically have a DJ of sorts unless it’s earlier in the week. It’s those earlier in the week nights that are the absolute best to go as well. Any night that isn’t Friday or Saturday is super chill. After 9:30, be prepared for thumping beats and not being able to hear your compadres. Unless it’s winter, I would stick to being indoors as the outside reminds you that you’re in Hong Kong. In summer. In the heat. No matter what delicious beverage is sitting in front of you, it’s oppressive.

The Drinks

Okay, so my two go to’s, Zombie and Mai Tai. Now while I allude to fact that I started going to this establishment quite a while ago – I should note that I have been to Hong Kong several times over the past few years and I now always make this a stop – I digress; Honi Honi introduced me to the Don the Beachcomber (DTB) version of a Mai Tai (actually the first version but not as popular as the Trader Vic variety). Definitely not a sweet concoction – the DTB Mai Tai is a strong and flavorful affair that always comes presented in a classic half pineapple ceramic. I love this beverage, especially here, and look forward to it each time I visit.

They do also offer their version of the Trader Vic Mai Tai. Sadly I really do not enjoy it. It sways to the sweet and doesn’t have that good Martinique rum and lime that it so needs. I don’t think there is any darker rum in it at all in fact and it has been the only miss I have ever had at Honi Honi. The Zombie here, while not my absolute favorite, is a frothy treat that isn’t quite as full strength as I had at other places. The drink definitely has some nice layering of flavors and spices and helps make Honi Honi a noteworthy place to visit in your drinking vacation right in the middle of the Central District of Hong Kong.


There are so many reasons why Hong Kong is a great city to visit, and Honi Honi should be at the top of anyone’s list in places to drop in and stumble out of!




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Head to Lan Kwai Fong and turn right at the intersection before going further up the hill (If you make the turn you’ve gone too far). Look for the 1010 mobile phone shop on the left and it’s right next door. Ride the elevator up to the 3rd Floor. Friday and Saturday nights are loud and crowded. Other nights and early on weekends are chill. A couple small food items are available.

Honi Honi
3/F Somptueux Central
52 Wellington Street
Central, Hong Kong
+852 2353 0885

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