Tiki Bar Review: Psycho Suzi’s Motor Lounge

A pleasant summer’s day in Minneapolis. Boy does it really bring out all of the locals to soak in the warm and temperate conditions that they so rarely get. And what a perfect place to enjoy them than by the side of the Mississippi River on the huge patio of Psycho Suzi’s Motor Lounge!

Unassuming Exterior

Driving by Psycho Suzi’s Motor Lounge, you’d think it was some sort of banquet hall, or odd club by the look of it.  Suzi’s truly does not look like a massive tiki bar from the outside. Once inside, you make the choice of which level to go to. Going up, you can experience three other levels that have their own theme and a little different menu. Going down is the massive eating space and patio that overlooks the Mississippi River. Sadly the day I was there, some selfish company bought out the other levels of the lounge so I was unable to experience them. Additionally, according to their website, the upper levels are only open on Saturdays.

The Patio

It is huge. And on a nice day, it’s really the best place to be. The reason for my trip to Minneapolis was to visit some family; They weren’t going to be able to meet us until later but we went on the earlier side to have dinner. All in all we were there for about five hours (hah!). And we were able to enjoy our selves the whole time. Because of the good temperature (on an August weekend) and the scenic views and of course, good beverages, there was plenty to keep us comfortable. There was normally quite a long wait to get a good seat on the patio, we were able to get one in under 20 minutes because, to begin with, there was only two of us. But again, on a nice day, be prepared for a long wait.

The Drinks

They had a pretty fun and funky menu. Lots of standards available there but mostly all originals or takes on classics. Because I was there for so long, was able to experience quite more than usual. This was a marathon tiki session! Started out with the Mai Tai which was very much a Trader Vic’s but it was more toward the sweeter side. I should note that every single one of these drinks came in a great tiki mug! Every drink had a specific mug that it came out in. I love that! It’s about half and half that a tiki bar will do that these days. Mostly it’s because people tend to walk off with the mugs.


The next drinks over the rest of my stay there I tried was the Psychotic Suzi, which was limey and pretty good. It also had the one of the best tiki mugs that I have come across. The Coconaut, which was a pina colada white russian-ish kind of thing. Pretty good. Finally the Evil Headhunter. This was a little bit into the realm of a Zombie. It was smooth and quite potent. All of the drinks are made pretty quick and while they’re not the best mixes I have had, they all still make for a good tasty time.


I have no idea what this place is like outside of the summer, but for the summer at least, make sure you allow for a long wait but also allow for a long stay because this is a good comfortable place to hang for an afternoon/evening. They have a good list of food and a great list of drinks to be able to keep you in place for several hours.

Psycho Suzi's Motor Lounge - Minneapolis, Minnesota
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Multi-levels only open on Saturday (when no private party). Crazy crowded on a nice day! Be prepared to wait. Awesome riverfront patio.

Psycho Suzi’s Motor Lounge
1900 Marshall St. Northeast
Minneapolis, MN 55418
(612) 788-9069

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