Tiki Drink Focus: Bounty Hunter

I received a set of Star Wars themed Tiki Glasses and a challenge to create drinks for each of them. The first one was a no brainer, the Bounty Hunter.

This had to be a pretty powerful and deadly beverage, but as with my favorite drinks, I wanted it to have a mix of good flavors in there. This shouldn’t be a simple concoction, because helloooo, the Fett is not simple. I played with mixing a couple different beverages – the Cobra Fang and a Zombie. The Cobra Fang on its own is a lethal concoction that has only 151 overproof rum as its base with very little to cut it into something a little softer. I took some of the spicy and gentle citrus and cinnamon flavors out of the Zombie and crossed it with this guy. This turned into a really tasty homage to our favorite assassin for hire.

Beware with this guy though. I’d give him 5 on the potency scale. Here’s the recipe:

Bounty Hunter

¾ oz lime juice (Nellie & Joe’s Famous Key West)
1 oz orange juice
½ oz passion fruit syrup (Torani)
¼ oz Falernum (Tippleman’s)
½ oz Don’s Mix (B.G. Reynold’s)
1 oz 151-proof demerara rum (Hamilton 151)
1 oz Barbados gold rum (Mount Gay Eclipse)
1 dash bitters (Bittermens Elemakule Tiki)
6 drops absinthe (Kubler)
6 oz crushed ice

Spray the inside of a medium size (7 to 10 oz) tiki glass with absinthe. Add all to blender and blend for no more than 5 seconds.

Garnish with a marinated cherry (Luxardo!) speared on top of a cinnamon stick (this is his missile :-).

What this now makes is a lethal abounty_hunternd tasty combination that definitely has a bite but just a little sweetness and aroma that takes a bit of the edge off. But look at this drink! So fun… but beware!

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